Textures of Trust

December 29, 2018 – January 4, 2019


Textures of Trust

December 29, 2018 – January 4, 2019


Join us, on Salt Spring Island, Canada,
for a week-long intensive training in Contact Improvisation Dance with
Anjelika Doniy (Russia) and Martin Keogh

What do we need in place to trust this moment of the dance? Contact Improvisation requires a courageous willingness -- but never so much as when we dance in the absence of will - those moments when we drop the reigns and, nowhere bound, allow our animal to carry us.

We’ll research the questions:

• What is visible, predictable, teachable?
• What is hidden, unpredictable and unteachable?
• Can we see a jam as an art work in progress?
• How does a witness influence a dancer? And how does a dancer influence a witness?

We will work together six hours a day. Other activities will include jams, potlucks, and spontaneous surprises. We want to get to know you—your treasures, your idiosyncrasies, your distinctive pathways into Contact Improvisation. We will start with ourselves and return to ourselves through dance, skills, awareness, attention, silence.

The format:

Three days of investigation and dancing (Dec 29-30-31)
One day for rest, integration and laundry (Jan 1)
Three more days to deepen the material (Jan 2-3-4)

This is an intermediate / advanced training for those with a solid grasp of Contact Improvisation fundamental skills gained through classes and jams. This intensive is for dancers with a comfort moving into the backspace, using hands as landing gear, and the ability to feel and respond to subtle impulses.

$420 - Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$455 - Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc..
$495 - Professional rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.
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FOOD: Food is not included in this workshop. You can either take care of your own food or sign up for the meal plan which is 165$ for 12 meals.

ACCOMMODATION: We make an effort at finding indoor space for dancers. Some indoor space at 15$/night are sometime offered by members of the community. Let us know if you’d like us to look into that for you. That said we recommend you use Airbnb if you wish to secure a private, comfortable space for the duration of the training.

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Anjelika Doniy's: She is a dance improviser, choreographer and a teacher oriented to contact improvisation and contemporary dance. She was born in Kishinev, Moldavia. She was educated at the High School of Culture, St-Petersburg. After graduation, she was a theatrical choreographer for 10 Years.

She created the yearly, nine day, International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival in Moscow. She took part in different international festivals of contemporary dance, collaboration projects concerning improvisation and contact with teachers like Regine Chopinot (France), Mary Folkerson (Nederland), Eszter Gal (Hungary), Benno Vooram (Sweden), Denny Lepkoff (USA), Lisa Nelson (USA), Nancy Stark smith (USA)

Since 1999 she is living in Moscow, and teaching Contact Improvisation, Improvisation and Movement Development. At the moment her passion is to build the "Dans House" on the Nature in Russia.

Martin Keogh Bio & teaching history: