Jam Into The Spring

3 days and nights of jamming Contact Improvisation
April 5th-6th-7th 2019


Jam Into The Spring

3 days and nights of jamming Contact Improvisation
April 5th-6th-7th 2019


Join us for a 3 day immersion in Jamming Contact Improvisation Dance. APRIL 5th-6th-7th 2019
There will be little facilitation but a clear container.
We will be pulling inspirations from different scores and themes like the Underscore, Blindfold Jams, Authentic Movements, Lab and other formats.

Our intention is to dive into long jamming sessions where time evaporates into a spacious container. We have interest in allowing our natural internal rhythms to guide us into unknown and spontaneous pathways. We will be our own and each others teachers, guides and investigators.

This event is inclusive to all skill levels, ages, genders, sexual orientations, skin colours & physical conditions.

Martin Keogh: Jam Skills
Manuel Rochette: Spacial Composition
Sasha Klapkew: Deep Feels
Charlotte Priest: Exploring the Solo
Brianna Grant: Tactful Skills

Trisha Spire (Voice & Cello)

Beaver Point Hall
1361 Beaver Point Road

APRIL 5th-6th-7th 2019
Friday 5th: 9am - 10pm
Saturday 6th: 9am - 12am
Sunday 7th: 9am - 6pm
(detailed schedule tba)

$160-$220 - Early Bird until Feb 15th.
$180 - Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$210 - Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc.
$240 - Professional rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.
(Includes 8 meals total)

Full payment to save your spot
Refundable minus $25 before March 1st Non-Refundable after.
Fill registration form here
Payment by e-transfer or paypal at:

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VOLUNTEERSThere is a few volunteers position. Tasks are kitchen help and cleaning related. Contact us if you are interested in a partial or full position. 

We will provide a total of 8 nourishing meals. All organic, mainly vegetarian, mostly local and options for pretty much every sensitivities. Our food is wholesome, plentiful & delicious.

Camping: Ruckle Park is 3 min drive or 25 min walk from the Hall and is situated on the ocean side.
Some people may be able to host indoor. They may or may not ask for donations. Please contact us if you would like an indoor space.

Change of clothes, warm clothes, blanket, kneepads, music instruments, camping gear, flashlight, pen, journal, towel.

Questions and Registration, please fill form on registration page.
or email us

We are looking forward to dancing with you.